Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ny Latest Finds

Good Morning
I've made quite a bit of progress on my Heath Family research this week and i'd like to share what i've found so far.
The Cousin that i found in Douglasville Cass county Tx. confirmed that i was on the right track with my research because we have the same kin folk. Just quoting him that made me laugh we talked for two hours!!
He gave me the names of cemeteries where some Heath's are resting.
Like i said he invited me to come down and he would help me find whatever he could.
He's become interested too so we will be working together. It will be great he works at the court house.
So to Cass County i go real soon.
Here's some head stones that i've found.

Sip Heath and his Wife Ony and Aunt Climmie. I met her once she was raised by my Great Grand Parents i remember she was blind.