Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello everyone, tonight i'll focus on my paternal Grand Mother Mrs. Velma Gates Chatman Family.

She was born in Rusk County Texas September 1917 to Mose and Jewel Gilmore Gates.
Mose was Born in Desoto Parish Louisiana in Grand Cane around 1886.
His Parents were Rev. Robert and Sissie Ann Dunn Gates. Rev. Gates was born in Louisiana in 1865. First Lady Gates was born in 1872. Mose wasn't their only child and i will get to them in my next post.
The Gates family moved to East Texas in the late 1800's Rev, Robert Gates founded a Church Gates Chapel baptist Church the in the East Texas town of shelbyville. Still in operation today.

Here's a Picture of my Grand Mother Mrs. Velma Gates Chatman and historical information on Gates Chapel.

Thanks For Your interest.
Y'all come back now.

GATES CHAPEL, TEXAS. Gates Chapel is a small, predominantly black community on Farm Road 417 two miles south of Shelbyville in southern Shelby County. It began as a church and school community. The settlement grew up around the Gates Chapel Baptist Church, which was organized in 1913 and named for Robert G. Gates, its founder and first pastor. The community's school had been consolidated with a neighboring district school by 1938. In 1981 Gates Chapel consisted of the church, a small cemetery, and widely scattered houses.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hello all, My mind is racing. The ancestors are taking to me from all directions and, i don't know who to listen to first.Wow it's kind of overwhelming to say the least i have to start somewhere but the voices in my head. Anyway i started my blog with the Heath's i want to say a few thing s tonight about my My Paternal GrandMother Velma Gates Chatman.

I have been Blessed to find a relative of her's a niece that i met on facebook. She came up to Dallas today and she shared what she had on the Gates family. I have to sort through it all. 
So i'm happy i will get it all together soon.

I'll Be Back:
Tomorrow i'm spent. I'll leave you with a picture my Paternal 2X Grandparents Mr. Mose and Jewel Gilmore Gates,

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Have been  Searching for the name of my 3x Granddaddy's name for about a year and i have found it!!.    variations on surname spellings are very important that's how i found him. Also with the help of my new found cousin who told me the name of her Daddy which happens to be my 2X Granddaddy Monroe Chatman's youngest brother. 3X Granddaddy Si spelled his name chapman some family Members spell Chatmon and now the spelling is Chatman. This my Daddy's side of the family. I'm going to focus on my Mama's family the Heath's for now and go from there i just wanted to tell everyone about this find. Oh if you notice my 2x Granddad Monroe signed the death certificate.
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Friday, November 29, 2013

This is my Mother Bonnie Faye Heath Chatman.
Corrie and Maggie's Third Child.
Their Children are in order:
Johnny C Heath Born in 1937 Died 2003
Mennie Heath Hooper Born 1940 Died 2013
Bonnie (mama) Born January 1 1943
Mary Ann Heath Jenkins Born 1946 Died 2006
L.J Heath Born 1949
Francis Heath Born 1951
Billy Gene Heath Born 1955
Cynthia Heath Born 1958
Howard Heath Born 1959
Helen Heath Born 1962

Whew!! Ten Kids but that was a norm back in the day.
My Grand paw Corrie was a sharecropper on a farm and he was in World War 2.
My mama told me how they all would work the fields in the summer chopping cotton.
I remember spending summers with my Grandparents and seeing my Grand paw driving the tractor plowing from sun up to sundown. He was so handsome and could tap dance like Bill Robinson!!
Now that's the truth. He was something else. I can remember the smell of his old spice. 
He died in 1986. My Grand Mother in 1990.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

After Thanksgiving i will post some pictures and more stories.
For now let me post this picture of my girls. Candance and Constance.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Yes Thanksgiving
Family food and fun!!
I really miss my family that has gone on to glory during the holidays.
Both sets of grandparents are gone now, it was really difficult keeping the family  together. When Big mama passed away. We as a family would all come together at my Grandparents house it reminds of the movie Soul Food it was  like  what do we do now? Well good thing my Big Mama daughters took over!! Chips off the block for sure!! So our family go's on.
Lost my auntie Ms.Mennie a day after memorial day this year. First Thanksgiving without her. My Grand Parents Corrie and Maggie's Oldest Daughter. Her Collard Greens Oh My Goodness!! So good you dranked the pot liquor.

Miss you Aunt Mennie Mae Heath Hooper 1940-2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome to my first attempt at Blogging!! .

Well this is my first attempt at blogging so here it go's......
I've been researching my family for a while now since 2007. I was always the one asking my Grandparents questions. I wanted to hear their stories. Sometimes they they were happy to share well most times. They enjoyed going back in time talking about family it's funny because my Mom's parents are the ones that i talked with the most. They were so funny sometimes they would argue about when this happened or who remembered what. I loved every Minute of it and miss them so much.

That being said i will start with my Mother's Daddy Mr. Corrie Heath.
Corrie was born in Cass County Texas July 11, 1914 to John and Cynthia Heath.
He was a twin his brother's name was Orrie. John and Cynthia's only children.
Side note: Twins truly do run in families and i'm sure it skips a generation because i my self was blessed with a set of twin daughters!! How cool is that!!
Much Much More to come. Oh and i do mean more.

Please Stay Tuned.