Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Yes Thanksgiving
Family food and fun!!
I really miss my family that has gone on to glory during the holidays.
Both sets of grandparents are gone now, it was really difficult keeping the family  together. When Big mama passed away. We as a family would all come together at my Grandparents house it reminds of the movie Soul Food it was  like  what do we do now? Well good thing my Big Mama daughters took over!! Chips off the block for sure!! So our family go's on.
Lost my auntie Ms.Mennie a day after memorial day this year. First Thanksgiving without her. My Grand Parents Corrie and Maggie's Oldest Daughter. Her Collard Greens Oh My Goodness!! So good you dranked the pot liquor.

Miss you Aunt Mennie Mae Heath Hooper 1940-2013