Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome to my first attempt at Blogging!! .

Well this is my first attempt at blogging so here it go's......
I've been researching my family for a while now since 2007. I was always the one asking my Grandparents questions. I wanted to hear their stories. Sometimes they they were happy to share well most times. They enjoyed going back in time talking about family it's funny because my Mom's parents are the ones that i talked with the most. They were so funny sometimes they would argue about when this happened or who remembered what. I loved every Minute of it and miss them so much.

That being said i will start with my Mother's Daddy Mr. Corrie Heath.
Corrie was born in Cass County Texas July 11, 1914 to John and Cynthia Heath.
He was a twin his brother's name was Orrie. John and Cynthia's only children.
Side note: Twins truly do run in families and i'm sure it skips a generation because i my self was blessed with a set of twin daughters!! How cool is that!!
Much Much More to come. Oh and i do mean more.

Please Stay Tuned.