Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It was true love.

Tonight I'm going to focus on my Maternal Great Grandparents
John and Syintha Heath from Douglasville Texas Cass County.
My title it's true love because i truly believe that it was.
Here's the story that was told other the years.
They we're married over sixty years and only had two children a set of twin boys Corrie and Orrie. Corrie in my Grandpa i miss him They also raised a set of twins that we're their niece and nephew Simmie and Climmie, also a boy by the name of will and there was mennie and peala mae and.... I was told that they raised over ten kids besides their own two boys
 and they tell me when you saw John Syinthia wasn't far away. Devoted to those kids and each other.
They died before i was born in 1962 one day apart.
It was December 1962 John had been sick a while he was dying, nothing the doctors could do you see he was 99 years old. 
Syinthia and some of the kids they raised and ladies from their church helped her tend to him December 18 Syinthia was dead. 
Died in her sleep. She was 89 years old. The next day on the 19th
John died. Had their funerals together.
To me that true love.