Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It"s a new Day!!!

Hello Everyone
Setting here feeling so grateful for all the progress that i'm making with my research.
Today i talked with a nice lady from Cass County Texas. She's somewhat the go to person on black families in the county. She knew my great grand parents John and Synthia Heath!! She grew up around them and called them uncle john and Aunt Pet.
My Great grand mother had a nick name!!
She also told me i had a cousin that works at the court house and she would tell him about me and she gave me his phone number.
Everything is happening so fast!!
I will be calling him tonight.
Now this is what i know about my Heath Family
My 3 times grandfather's name was Randall Heath He was born in Georgia in 1824 His wife was casandra born in 1824. My 2 times grandfather was Edward Heath Born in 1865 His was Manerva born in 1852. They are John's my great grandfather parents. I hope to contact the heath family of Cass County to learn more. Cass County towns that i know of are linden,Atlanta, Douglasville. My family is from Douglasville. That's all for now. Like i said i my earlier post i will go to Cass County I'm on a mission for my family, for my mother, for my ancestors.