Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Great Grand Mother Synthia (MayShack) Heath

In all my the years of researching my ancestors 2013 was the year of discovery. I'm so grateful for what i have discovered so far. I know i will find so much more when i go to the places that they lived. In due time.

As read others blogs and look at all the pictures that they post and i'm so envious i'm sorry but i feel that way from time to time because i don't have any pictures at all. I remember when i was a kid my Grand dad had a picture of his dad and uncle and a picture of his mama in an old trunk it was damaged  broken up me and my aunt put it together like a puzzle. Since my Grandparents died i never saw those pictures again but at least i have their images in my head, I won't ever forget how they looked. 

Thank you lord for that blessing. Just when i start to get discouraged i find something that snaps right out of it. Thank you lord again. I was so wondering what my Great Grand Mother's maiden name was. I searched and searched i can't tell you how long. It got to a point that i just left it alone.

The other night i was on family search just looking around and to my surprise i found it!! I found her maiden name!! Not only that, i found it on My Grand Dad and his twin brother's birth certificate!! Never thought i would find a birth certificate!! Just when you just expect it expect it!! 

This is what iv'e learned. This lesson takes me to once again to the word.... Faith of a mustard seed, I know this i have to be reminded from time to time.

Thank you lord for this aha Moment.