Monday, January 27, 2014

Great Grand Parents Genie and Fannie Mae Vatin

It"s been a while since my last post, that's because iv'e been on the hunt. Researching  My Heath Family. I'm really focused on this side of my family because of my Mama i want her to know everything there is to know about her family. Like i said in earlier post  Her parents moved from Cass County Texas ( Douglassville ) When she was about five years old and she never went back. She told me  the only time her parents going back was in 1962 to attend her Grand Parents funerals ( They died December 18th and 19th of 1962) Had a double funeral. 
So far what i have is that Sip Heath and my Great Grand Dad John Heath were first cousins.
That's all that i could find so iv'e decided to switch gears a bit and talk about My mama's other Grand Parents tonight Mr. Genie and Fannie Mae Vatin.
My big Mama Fannie was a very funny lady and she didn't play. I remember her saying i'm not mean i just mean what i say!! You'd better believe she did!!.This is what i was told about her. She was born in cass county texas and raised by family members by the time she was ten years old, She had a sister that move to california and a brother Charlie. My Great Grand Dad was creole from louisiana note the last name Vatin that's a french name and i don't know anyone but him his son and his grandson with the name of Genie.
As long as i can remember we called him uncle genie everyone did i do know why. He had a big snow white afro so pretty and white and he was one cool dude soft spoken but big mama made up for that. They were a great couple. I didn't spend much time around them as a child so i'm grateful to have had the time later in their lives.
I'm not sure if it's wise to jump around in my researching but i think i'll focus on them for a while.

Please allow me to Present to you Mr. and Mrs. Genie Vatin