Monday, January 27, 2014

Great Grand Parents Genie and Fannie Mae Vatin

It"s been a while since my last post, that's because iv'e been on the hunt. Researching  My Heath Family. I'm really focused on this side of my family because of my Mama i want her to know everything there is to know about her family. Like i said in earlier post  Her parents moved from Cass County Texas ( Douglassville ) When she was about five years old and she never went back. She told me  the only time her parents going back was in 1962 to attend her Grand Parents funerals ( They died December 18th and 19th of 1962) Had a double funeral. 
So far what i have is that Sip Heath and my Great Grand Dad John Heath were first cousins.
That's all that i could find so iv'e decided to switch gears a bit and talk about My mama's other Grand Parents tonight Mr. Genie and Fannie Mae Vatin.
My big Mama Fannie was a very funny lady and she didn't play. I remember her saying i'm not mean i just mean what i say!! You'd better believe she did!!.This is what i was told about her. She was born in cass county texas and raised by family members by the time she was ten years old, She had a sister that move to california and a brother Charlie. My Great Grand Dad was creole from louisiana note the last name Vatin that's a french name and i don't know anyone but him his son and his grandson with the name of Genie.
As long as i can remember we called him uncle genie everyone did i do know why. He had a big snow white afro so pretty and white and he was one cool dude soft spoken but big mama made up for that. They were a great couple. I didn't spend much time around them as a child so i'm grateful to have had the time later in their lives.
I'm not sure if it's wise to jump around in my researching but i think i'll focus on them for a while.

Please allow me to Present to you Mr. and Mrs. Genie Vatin

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Great Grand Mother Synthia (MayShack) Heath

In all my the years of researching my ancestors 2013 was the year of discovery. I'm so grateful for what i have discovered so far. I know i will find so much more when i go to the places that they lived. In due time.

As read others blogs and look at all the pictures that they post and i'm so envious i'm sorry but i feel that way from time to time because i don't have any pictures at all. I remember when i was a kid my Grand dad had a picture of his dad and uncle and a picture of his mama in an old trunk it was damaged  broken up me and my aunt put it together like a puzzle. Since my Grandparents died i never saw those pictures again but at least i have their images in my head, I won't ever forget how they looked. 

Thank you lord for that blessing. Just when i start to get discouraged i find something that snaps right out of it. Thank you lord again. I was so wondering what my Great Grand Mother's maiden name was. I searched and searched i can't tell you how long. It got to a point that i just left it alone.

The other night i was on family search just looking around and to my surprise i found it!! I found her maiden name!! Not only that, i found it on My Grand Dad and his twin brother's birth certificate!! Never thought i would find a birth certificate!! Just when you just expect it expect it!! 

This is what iv'e learned. This lesson takes me to once again to the word.... Faith of a mustard seed, I know this i have to be reminded from time to time.

Thank you lord for this aha Moment.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ny Latest Finds

Good Morning
I've made quite a bit of progress on my Heath Family research this week and i'd like to share what i've found so far.
The Cousin that i found in Douglasville Cass county Tx. confirmed that i was on the right track with my research because we have the same kin folk. Just quoting him that made me laugh we talked for two hours!!
He gave me the names of cemeteries where some Heath's are resting.
Like i said he invited me to come down and he would help me find whatever he could.
He's become interested too so we will be working together. It will be great he works at the court house.
So to Cass County i go real soon.
Here's some head stones that i've found.

Sip Heath and his Wife Ony and Aunt Climmie. I met her once she was raised by my Great Grand Parents i remember she was blind.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It was true love.

Tonight I'm going to focus on my Maternal Great Grandparents
John and Syintha Heath from Douglasville Texas Cass County.
My title it's true love because i truly believe that it was.
Here's the story that was told other the years.
They we're married over sixty years and only had two children a set of twin boys Corrie and Orrie. Corrie in my Grandpa i miss him They also raised a set of twins that we're their niece and nephew Simmie and Climmie, also a boy by the name of will and there was mennie and peala mae and.... I was told that they raised over ten kids besides their own two boys
 and they tell me when you saw John Syinthia wasn't far away. Devoted to those kids and each other.
They died before i was born in 1962 one day apart.
It was December 1962 John had been sick a while he was dying, nothing the doctors could do you see he was 99 years old. 
Syinthia and some of the kids they raised and ladies from their church helped her tend to him December 18 Syinthia was dead. 
Died in her sleep. She was 89 years old. The next day on the 19th
John died. Had their funerals together.
To me that true love.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It"s a new Day!!!

Hello Everyone
Setting here feeling so grateful for all the progress that i'm making with my research.
Today i talked with a nice lady from Cass County Texas. She's somewhat the go to person on black families in the county. She knew my great grand parents John and Synthia Heath!! She grew up around them and called them uncle john and Aunt Pet.
My Great grand mother had a nick name!!
She also told me i had a cousin that works at the court house and she would tell him about me and she gave me his phone number.
Everything is happening so fast!!
I will be calling him tonight.
Now this is what i know about my Heath Family
My 3 times grandfather's name was Randall Heath He was born in Georgia in 1824 His wife was casandra born in 1824. My 2 times grandfather was Edward Heath Born in 1865 His was Manerva born in 1852. They are John's my great grandfather parents. I hope to contact the heath family of Cass County to learn more. Cass County towns that i know of are linden,Atlanta, Douglasville. My family is from Douglasville. That's all for now. Like i said i my earlier post i will go to Cass County I'm on a mission for my family, for my mother, for my ancestors.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Let me start by wishing my Mother Mrs. Bonnie F. Chatman a Happy Birthday as well!!
In the coming year lord willing i intend to go to the places where my people lived. I have a few leads on people who can answer question for me about my family. I can hardly wait!!
I believe that's the next step to take.
My Mother will be joining me as well as a cousin that has alot of information. We will find what we're looking for. I will visit graves too. I'm on a mission this year in person.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello everyone, tonight i'll focus on my paternal Grand Mother Mrs. Velma Gates Chatman Family.

She was born in Rusk County Texas September 1917 to Mose and Jewel Gilmore Gates.
Mose was Born in Desoto Parish Louisiana in Grand Cane around 1886.
His Parents were Rev. Robert and Sissie Ann Dunn Gates. Rev. Gates was born in Louisiana in 1865. First Lady Gates was born in 1872. Mose wasn't their only child and i will get to them in my next post.
The Gates family moved to East Texas in the late 1800's Rev, Robert Gates founded a Church Gates Chapel baptist Church the in the East Texas town of shelbyville. Still in operation today.

Here's a Picture of my Grand Mother Mrs. Velma Gates Chatman and historical information on Gates Chapel.

Thanks For Your interest.
Y'all come back now.

GATES CHAPEL, TEXAS. Gates Chapel is a small, predominantly black community on Farm Road 417 two miles south of Shelbyville in southern Shelby County. It began as a church and school community. The settlement grew up around the Gates Chapel Baptist Church, which was organized in 1913 and named for Robert G. Gates, its founder and first pastor. The community's school had been consolidated with a neighboring district school by 1938. In 1981 Gates Chapel consisted of the church, a small cemetery, and widely scattered houses.